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About Us

Improving Korea Japan relations one dialogue at a time.

The Korea Japan Youth Conference (KJYC) is an organization run by both Japanese and Korean students who got together to provide a safe place where students can openly discuss Korea-Japan relations. We also host  a variety of different programs where students can discuss and learn more about Korea-Japan. Our team is working with the international school UWC ISAK Japan to bring our program to as many people as possible.

KJYC was established in January 2020. The founding members of KJYC realized that the reason why Korea Japan relations has continued to deteriorate is because in both Korea and Japan, the media and the education system tends to be extremely biased when it comes to its portrayal of past and present Korea-Japan relations. In order to change this status quo, we wanted to create an environment where students from both Korea and Japan can get together to openly discuss the past present and future of our two great countries. Although we started off in 2020 with 5 members out team has now grown to include close to 30 enthusiastic members from over 4 different countries.

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