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Our Partners

The Korea Japan Youth Conference works with Universities, Businesses, and other Non-Profits, to bring together students from Korea and Japan to address complex issues surrounding our two countries. See here to check out our list of partners and supporters.

Current Partners

日韓文化交流基金 ロゴ.png

Established in 1983, JKCF is one of the largest public institute working to improve Korea-Japan relations on both a personal, cultural, and academic level. JKCF has provided us with funding to realize our Summer camp.

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The Ashoka Foundation is one of the largest non-profits in the world that promotes social entrepreneurship. Their mission is "to shape a global, entrepreneurial, competitive citizen sector" and based on this basic idea, support thousands of social entrepreneurs, including us. 

Past Partners

Kamenori ロゴ.jpg

The Kamenori Foundation is a Japanese NPO that mainly aims to foster understanding and friendship between Japan and other nations in Asia and Oceania. They kindly offered us advices based on their professional experiences.

U Tokyo ロゴ.png

CKS is a part of Tokyo University that specializes in the research of the Korean Peninsula and its relation to Japan. CKS works to promote education in Korean studies, foster young researchers, and promote research in the field. Mr. Masaru Tonomura, a professor at CKS, offered us academic knowledge about Japan and Korea based on their professional researches.


KJYC advisor board mainly consists of professors, social entrepreneurs, and KJYC alumni who passionately support KJYC project after their contribution as members. 

This board provides various supports that are necessary for the success of KJYC project.

If you are a member of KJYC advisor board, sign in from here.