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Upcoming Events

We host a variety of different events that bring together students from both Korea and Japan. We deal with subjects ranging from history to politics to culture.

Our last Monthly Discussion was held on April 4th and 30 students from Japan and Korea gathered to discuss Colonialism and WWII. Thanks to everyone who joined. Our next Monthly Discussion will be held somewhere in October.

Our last Online Guest Lecture was held on June 13th by professor Tadashi Kinomiya of Tokyo University. He mainly talked about some of the reasons why Korea Japan relations deteriorated in the past couple of years. Our next Online Guest Lecture will be held sometime in September.

Our first summer camp will be held on August 13th from 2PM-7PM (Japan time, Korean time). Participants will be discussing Korea-Japan relations, the role of media, history, and culture in a fun and interesting manner. We will be hosting everything online. Contact us for more information.

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Monthly Online Discussions

4/4 2021 (JST, KST 14PM-16PM)

This month's discussion theme is "Trauma and Identity, Colonialism and WWII"

We will be using Zoom for this program.

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Online Guest Lecture

6/13 2021 (JST, KST 9:00 - 10:30)

Our next guest lecture is from Professor Tadashi Kinomiya of Tokyo University, who researches Korea-Japan relations, politics, and history.

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Winter and Summer Camp

2021 8/13

We are hosting our first summer camp this summer. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding a one day online summer camp. See below for details.

Details of our online summer camp

English Version, Click on the icon to view.

Japanese Version, click on the icon to view.

Korean Version, click on the icon to view.